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RMG is home of the innovative single offset arbor and patented Clutchless RMG straighten and cut machines, the 100 year old Lewis Machine Works and the comprehensive catalogue of Fastener Engineers wire and rod equipment.

We produce the most efficient, reliable and cost effective production Inline Wire Drawing machinery available to support the very foundations of manufacturing; the fastener industries, the wire products industries, the construction industries and the steel wire and rod industries.

Although most of our In Line Wire Drawers are used with steel wire and rod, from .218”  (5.5mm) through 1.75” (45mm) diameter, we design and produce custom built machinery to process a wide variety of base metal and alloyed wires; stainless steel, aluminum, copper alloys (brass, bronze, beryllium, etc.), titanium, silver, lead (solder), tin, nickel alloys (Inconel, Monel, etc.), nickel, etc.

The RMG and Lewis Machine names are synonymous with wire Straightening and Cutting. Our machines can be found in wire product shops in most of the western world. Known for their robustness, many of the Lewis machines built over the last 100 years are still operating. The easy to set up RMG machines are durable too. RMG’s serial number 93101, built in 1993, was recently in our shop for a minor refurbishment and update. We are proud to be providing machines whose life is measured in decades, not merely years.

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