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Wire Solutions

Our integrated, in-line wire processing systems including straighten and cut, drawers, recoilers and descalers are preferred for a variety of product applications where increased productivity and high-quality standards are critical.

Fastener Solutions

Our wire drawers, pointers, straighteners and payoff equipment are use by fastener and bearing manufacturers worldwide due to the improved wire quality, cost savings and inventory reduction that RMG machinery provides to the industry.

Concrete Solutions

The use of wire is significant in concrete and construction products, where using hot-rolled rod supplied in coils is the most cost-effective solution. RMG knows the need to provide easy-to-use, efficient wire processing machines for this purpose.

RMG Machine

Our family of RMG Machines offer best-in-class solutions for the wire and fastener industries, and the most comprehensive line of straighten and cut systems, wire drawers and recoilers, payoff equipment, and other custom products. We’re here to help.

Lewis Machine

Lewis Machines have developed into a well-respected brand of extremely durable and productive straighten and cut equipment. Our Stationary Cut and SYNCHRO/CUT machines are the best choices for high tensile, high production and atypical material applications.

Parts, Tooling & Service

Supporting our Fastener Engineers brand of machinery remains one of our top priorities. RMG continues to offer comprehensive parts, tooling, and service for FE Machines, along with RMG and Lewis as well.