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Rockford Manufacturing Group is the home of RMG Machine, Lewis Machine and Fastener Engineers – three of the most innovative, leading brands in the wire industry.

The Lewis Machine Company was started in 1911 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Lewis quickly became the North American leader of Straighten and Cut Machines by offering innovative and robust mechanical equipment.

In-line wire drawing using a capstan was invented by Fastener Engineers, a company that RMG later acquired.

Prior to 1962, in-line wire drawing before a header was done with an expensive, slow and unreliable linear drawer or the wire was drawn offline using a bull block so many wire sizes had to be stocked at the fastener company. Expensive header machines are much more efficient using capstan in-line wire drawing.

RMG was established in 1976 to offer an improved and patented in-line wire drawer.

Like Fastener Engineers, RMG used a capstan approach. RMG added a patented wire relaxer system that greatly improved the performance of the machine. Over the years, RMG overtook Fastener Engineers by offering high performance extremely reliable machines to customers worldwide. Later in 2003, RMG purchased the Fastener Engineer product line and integrated it into the RMG product line.

To expand into the wire products industry, RMG acquired the G. C. Patterson line of straightening and cutting machines with their innovative single offset rotary arbor straightening and cutting technology.

RMG began to supply the diverse wire products industry with machining systems that were easier to integrate into existing operations, more user-friendly and easier to set up, and offered more cost-effective solutions. The G.C. Patterson brand of machines has been integrated over time into our RMG Straighten & Cut product line of equipment.

After years of being direct competitors, RMG acquired the assets, property and designs of Lewis Machine which was founded in 1911.

The Lewis Machine straighten and cut machines were complementary to the RMG line of machines, formerly G.C. Patterson. The RMG straighten and cut machines are easier to use and handle mild steel perfectly. The Lewis Machine line has designs that can handle high tension strength metals.

RMG continues to refine our family of products for the wire, fastener and concrete industries.

RMG’s quality, service, technology-driven products and an unflinching focus on customer needs continues to lead the competition. RMG engineers integrate the best of Lewis Machine, Fastener Engineers, G.C. Patterson and RMG products resulting in the comprehensive line of robust and innovative systems offered today.

Customer service, quality and technical advancement still drives RMG. With over 45 US and International Patents our designs are both leading edge and robust. Bring us your wire and rod problems, your unique situations and your production objectives and we’ll put our resources behind finding a perfect solution specifically for you. RMG is the only OEM for Fastener Engineers, Lewis Machine and G.C. Patterson equipment and your best source for all your Tooling, Spare Parts and Technical Service requirements. RMG support extends beyond final delivery, with engineers and sales associates always ready to answer any questions, whether repairs, parts or services. We provide ourselves in keeping our machines running for you with minimal downtime.

You can always count on Rockford Manufacturing Group.