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Wire Processing Solutions for Concrete Applications

The use of wire is significant in concrete and construction products. Typically using hot rolled rod supplied in coils is the most cost-effective solution. The savings over the use of steel bar and bright basic wire is a game changer for our customers. RMG recognizes the need to provide easy to use, efficient machines for this purpose. Our wire processing equipment is being used globally for the production of concrete pipe, rebar supports/chairs, threaded rod, grating and concrete mesh, concrete forming accessories and many other related products.

Our typical wire processing line pays off the hot rolled rod with the use of a rod flipper, mechanically descales the rod in-line to a wire drawer that reduces the wire diameter, and increases tensile strength of the finished wire. Our in-line wire drawer can feed directly into a straighten and cut machine for steel bars, CNC bender for formed parts, or wire recoiling machine to produce your own bright basic wire.

Concrete Packages

Mechanical Descaler / In-Line Wire Drawer / Straighten & Cut Machine

Wire processing line for 5.5mm (.218”) to 10.0mm (.394”)

Mechanical Descaler / In-Line Wire Drawer

Wire processing line for 10.0mm (.394”) to 19.0mm (.750”)

Recoilers for finished wire coils

Rod flippers for hot rolled rod coils

Snag detector for rod flippers

Contact RMG’s experienced sales staff to discover which RMG machine is right for your applications.