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RMG Mechanical Descalers

RMG Mechanical Wire Descalers

RMG’s Mechanical Wire Descalers, when combined with our In-Line Wire Drawing, lowers material and manufacturing costs even further. By integrating mechanical descalers to process hot-rolled rod into descaled and drawn wire our customers save as much as 20% in material cost compared to bright basic wire. While mechanically descaled wire will not produce cold-heading or plating quality wire, virtually all other wire products can and should be produced with this wire processing method. Especially parts that are painted or plastic coated.

RMG Mechanical Wire Descalers are available in four frame sizes.

A mechanical descaler is a simple, effective and practical system for breaking and removing mill scale.

  • The MD-10 for wire diameter up to 0.406” (10 mm) rod
  • The MD-14 for up to 0.562” (14mm) rod
  • The MD-19 for up to 0.750” (19mm) rod for Auto Setup
  • The MD-25 for up to 1” (25mm) rod for Auto Setup

These robust descaling machines are designed for years of trouble-free operation, using carbide wear surfaces on the rollers and husky sealed bearing assemblies to ensure the longest possible life. Available in either right-to-left or left-to-right material flow, an RMG wire descaler can be provided as a free-standing unit or for mounting with/on an appropriately sized in-line wire drawer. Hot-rolled wire is typically supplied in 6,000 lb. coils. Wire coils of this size can greatly improve production efficiency and uptime.

Wire Payoffs for Hot-Rolled Rod Applications

RMG offers several excellent options for handling and paying off hot rolled rod including Rod Flippers, Tilting Turntables and Loose Coil Loading (LCL) passive turntables.

Contact RMG’s experienced sales staff to discover which RMG machine is right for your applications.