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Overhung Load Adapters

Adapter Types: SAE A, SAE B, SAE C, SAE D

Input A

Input B

Input C

Input D

Why Choose RMG Overhung Load Adapters?

RMG Overhung Load Adapters, furnished with pre-heat-treated 4140 shafting, allow for the easy adaptation of standard electric motors to gear reducers and clutches which normally would only interface with hydraulic motors. They also allow for the adaptation of belts and pulleys (instead of relying on direct “plugin” hydraulic motors). Lastly, they allow for the adaptation of belts and pulleys coupling an electric motor to gear reducers for use with Variable Frequency Drives. The use of belts and pulleys (on either hydraulic motors or electric motors) with gear reducers, torque Hubs or clutches can often solve space problems. Additionally, by being able to belt drive the transmission equipment, it is possible to enjoy a wider selection of reduction ratios, speed values, and service factors.

Standard SAE Overhung Load Adapters Specifications

Overhung Load Adapters Bearing Load Ratings

Non-Standard Overhung Load Adapters

We can custom design and build overhung load adaptors to your production requirements. Most transmission equipment is installed with the axis horizontal. When this equipment is installed with the axis VERTICAL and the input shaft assembly ABOVE the gear reducer or clutch, special provisions must be made for lubrication. Customizations can include:

  • Sealed Bearings
  • DIN Splines
  • Spherical Bearings
  • Special Shaft Configurations
  • Special Shaft Materials

Contact RMG factory office at 815-624-2500 for details, or submit the form below to Susan Friske.

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