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Parts and Tooling

Servicing RMG, Lewis Machine, Fastener Engineers and G.C. Patterson wire processing machines.

Authentic OEM Parts and Tooling

Through acquisitions, Rockford Manufacturing Group (RMG) is the OEM for Fastener Engineers, Lewis Machine and G.C. Patterson equipment and your best source for all your tooling, spare parts, and technical service requirements. If your current wire processing-related machine is not performing as well as it once did, or as well as you desire, we can provide the OEM parts, the OEM tooling, and the expertise to get it back on track. Our factory-trained service technicians will even come to your shop to perform a wide variety of repair tasks and updates.

Knock-off parts may resemble the OEM item but, unless they were made to RMG factory specifications and tolerances, the Fit, Finish and Performance will not be the same. To keep your wire processing equipment operating at top efficiency, consider using only OEM Parts. RMG is the ONLY factory authorized source for RMG, Lewis, Fastener Engineers, and G.C. Patterson parts and tooling.

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We also offer solutions for:

  • G.C. Patterson – We are fully able to support your needs for this brand of wire processing equipment. Please call Beth Cloyd at RMG so we can learn more about your specific machine.
  • Upgrade Kits and Rebuild Equipment – Please call RMG or email Beth Cloyd to discuss the options we have available for you.
  • Variety of Miscellaneous Accessories – Please call RMG or email Beth Cloyd to request our most current list of items.
  • Overhung Load Adapters / Input Shafts – click here

Contact RMG’s experienced sales staff to discover which RMG machine is right for your applications.