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RMG Wire Payoff for Straighten & Cut

RMG Wire Payoff for Straightening and Cutting

A wire straighten and cut machine’s productivity is dramatically improved by isolating the lead end of the wire from the weight of the coil. Typically, production rates are increased by 10% to 20% when using the correct payoff. RMG offers several wire payoff solutions based on application specifics and your budget.

4VPS16 Overhead Payoff

Perfect for paying off wire from .050″ (1.27mm) to .188″ (4.78mm) diameter and allows for larger coils to be used without impacting throughput. The 4VPS16 requires no electrical power or air and has a compact footprint.

8000 Series Passive Turntable

The least expensive option for wire payoff. Maximum coil weights need to be considered when using a passive turntable. An optional pneumatic brake should be incorporated to stop rotation when the straighten and cut machine stops.

4000 and 7000 Series Powered Payoff Turntable

Our powered turntable synchronizes the speed of the wire payoff to match the speed requirements of the straighten and cut machine, so heavier coils can be used without slowing down production rates. This safely keeps your operator where he belongs, in front of the production machine, maximizing throughput.

Options for RMG Payoff Turntables

Contact RMG’s experienced sales staff to discover which RMG machine is right for your applications.