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RMG Straighten & Cut Tooling and Spare Parts

The necessary information that Rockford Manufacturing Group requires to better serve your replacement tooling and spare parts needs for RMG straightening and cutting machines:

  • Model and Serial Number of your machine?
  • Diameter(s) of wire you are intending to run?

Replacement RMG Tooling

Arbor Straightening Dies (AKA: Arbors, Inserts, Dogs, Shoes)

Stock material includes soft and hard cast, bronze and plastic. Other materials, such as Exalloy, are available based on specific application requirements.

Feed Rolls (Feed Wheels, Rollers, Pull Wheels, etc.)

Standard rolls are made from D2 tool steel from inventoried blanks to accommodate quick turnaround, and many standard wire diameters are in inventory. We also carry blanks for bronze rolls. Additional materials available upon request.

Cut-Off Knives and Dies (Quill, Cutoff Bushings, Shear, etc.)

Cut-off knives and dies are made from D2 tool steel. Many of the most common wire sizes are stocked with a large inventory of blanks for additional sizes to meet our customer’s needs in a timely manner.

Guide Bars, Shutter Bar, Gage Rod and Clamp Block

Success in cutting the wire to an accurate length depends heavily on using the correct sized guide bar with well-maintained gage rods and clamp blocks. RMG offers a large size range of soft and hardened guide bars to hold critical lengths. An often-overlooked component for holding accurate length is the gage rod and clamp block. When processing hundreds of tons of wire these items will wear and increase scrap.

Replacement RMG Parts

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