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RMG offers the most comprehensive line of rotary straighten and cut machines available in the industry.

Our RMG line offers five models rated for 0.050” (1.3mm) to 0.500” (12.7mm) maximum capacity. Each model utilizes the innovative, easy-to-adjust single offset – variable pitch – three die arbor, with our patented “Clutchless Cutter” for improved performance and less maintenance. RMG rotary straighten and cut machines are ideally suited for low-carbon wire with quick changeovers from one wire diameter to another and our “Micro Fine” length control allows for accurate cut length adjustments in .001” increments while the machine is running.

RMG Stationary Cut

Our Lewis Machine straighten and cut line has been the backbone of the wire products industry for over 100 years.

Since 1911, Lewis Machines have been built to provide many years of reliable service. RMG has continued this tradition with innovative improvements such as our patented “Clutchless Cutters”, digital arbor and feed speed meters and pneumatic feed roll pressure, while maintaining the same long-serving, robust and proven design. Our new Lewis Machines are ideally suited for medium carbon and alloy wire, offering superior ease and repeatability of set ups, less maintenance and years of dependable service. We recently integrated an option for micro fine release into the Lewis machine. We always strive to give our customers the most comprehensive solutions for all their wire product needs.

Lewis Stationary Cut